my poem's mythology

revelation      sounding the second note of our Winter

detoxing our soul so our visions become clearer

sounding the second note of our Winter

I have used the mythology that tells of the Gorse being the spring cleaners of our souls.

Bards have shared stories of Ohn the Gorse enchanting us with its yellow flowers that are said to mirror how we react to the beauty of ourselves and of others.

The also tell us that its prickles can take us from hurt to illumination when we ignite the dry prickles that have fallen.

Click here to enjoy my story poem that extends from this mythology ...

This short story poem is of a childhood memory of wonder of a travelling people camped by some gorse I was playing around by.

I watched as one lit a fire with a bunch of gorse that flared up like a firework. My curiosity caused me to ask them what they would be doing on the fire. Their replies were very teasing, full of short scary stories that scared me at first, but eventually they were stories to hear, when the fear was gone.

My conclusion was there was more to learn here than the order I was being taught at school.

As an adult I now regard those stories from the flash of gorse on the fire are to detox our cautious misty fears and rekindle our wonder with its crystal clear visions.